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Criticism Closes Our Hearts

I have a big inner critic. I’ve also received a lot of criticism in my life. So I know at first-hand what criticism can do. I know the impact that criticism has, in the work place, in the family, in our relationships with friends, and in all walks of life. My experience has been that […]

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Jealousy – Relationship Poison

Jealousy is an old fashioned word, not one you hear much of today. When I was growing up it was one of the Seven Deadly Sins that should be avoided at all costs. In my own experience, it’s a feeling that eats away at peoples’ insides in a subtle and destructive way. When jealousy is […]

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A New Year!

A New Year! A time of rebirth!  A time for checking in with ourselves and exploring what we want!  A time for New Year Resolutions!  A time to start making all those changes to ourselves that will make us better – better people, better partners, better parents, more successful at work, better at sports, richer, […]

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Grief And Loss At Christmas

Grief and Loss at Christmas                                                Christmas can bring lots of joy and pleasure. But it can also be quite a difficult time.  Some people may have experienced loss, possibly the death of a spouse, a parent or a child and be facing the thought of Christmas without them.  Some may have gone through the breakdown […]

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Christmas can be a tough time!

December!  The darkest time of year!  The bleak mid-winter! Our pagan ancestors knew what they were doing when they decided it would be a time of festival and merrymaking – for the Winter Solstice not only represents the longest night, but it also marks the beginning of the light.  More recently, it is the time […]

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