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Grief and Loss at Christmas      

Christmas can bring lots of joy and pleasure.  And it can also be quite a difficult time.  Some people may have experienced loss, possibly the death of a spouse, a parent or a child and be facing the thought of Christmas without them.  Some may have gone through the breakdown of their relationship and be […]

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Christmas can be a tough time!

December!  The darkest time of year!  The bleak mid-winter!    Our pagan ancestors knew what they were doing when they decided it would be a time of festival and merrymaking – for the Winter Solstice not only represents the longest night, but it also marks the beginning of the light.  More recently, it is the time […]

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We hear a lot about anger management techniques, how those who are experiencing strong anger need to learn to contain it, so that it doesn’t flow out at those around them in hurtful or destructive ways. And that’s all good stuff. But maybe it’s not always about managing the anger. Holding a strong emotion, such […]

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Meat or fish? Shoes or boots? Walk or get the bus? Sometimes decisions are straightforward, made with little or no struggle. But sometimes it’s not so easy. We can weigh the pros and cons, and see what looks like the obvious choice on paper, but something gets in the way of making the move, of […]

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