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We hear a lot about bullying in schools, for example, in relation to Kate Middleton’s experiences as a young teenager. Many parents are aware of the possibility that their child may experience bullying, and schools are required to have procedures to deal with the problems that arise. Bullying in the workplace is also well recognised, […]

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Relationships – Are We Responsible for the Feelings of Others

We expect those in our closest relationships, our family and our friends, to care about us and how we feel. But do we have a right to expect that they will be responsible for our feelings? And what does that mean? Amethyst is expecting her first child. Her husband, Tom, likes to play darts in […]

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Relationship Endings – When is the Time Right?

Many relationships have a natural life. A contract of employment, for example, may have a fixed term. Most teacher / student relationships last only for the duration of the course or schooling. Work based friendships often end when one person moves on to a new job. Parents’ friendships with the parents of their children often […]

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