How Can Counselling or Psychotherapy Help?

Depression has many faces and many names. It can visit at particular times in our lives, or it can be a constant companion. At AnneLeigh we understand the loneliness and isolation that can come with depression. It can be hard to express what’s happening, in a way that friends or family can understand, and they may not know what to say or to do. It can be difficult to talk about how you are feeling, especially when those feelings are most present. Sometimes it can feel like the dark place is all there is.

When you feel anxiety and panic it can feel like they control your life. Everyday tasks can be daunting; going to the shops or seeing a movie can seem beyond reach. You may experience chest pain, pounding heart beat, shallow breathing or a sense that your limbs don’t belong to you anymore. Thoughts can go around and around in your head, disturbing your waking and sleeping.

When a loved one dies it can seem that our world stands still, while everything else goes on around us. We can feel angry, or numb, or be overwhelmed by tears welling up unexpectedly. The pain of losing someone can continue long after friends or family have stopped asking how you are.

Infidelity, loss of affection, money issues, stress, and even the arrival of children can put strain on otherwise healthy relationships. Questions arise that don’t seem to have any answers, such as: Do I want to stay in this relationship? What way should I handle this? I love him but we just can’t get on these days, we always seem to be fighting.

Sometimes life’s difficulties can seem too hard to overcome, and it may seem that life may not be worth living anymore, or that it will never be any better. Suicidal thoughts may come up, or stress may show up in other ways: over eating or drinking, or drug abuse.

Sometimes life’s difficulties can seem too hard to overcome, and it may seem like life is not worth living any more, or that it will never get better. Suicidal thoughts may come up, or stress may arise in other ways, such as eating, drinking, or drug abuse.

Life may present you with many challenges and you may be looking for a solution. You may be looking for some hope in a situation that seems desperate, or you may want to change. You may be looking for understanding or acceptance. You may just want to talk, and for someone to listen.

At AnneLeigh, we see you beyond your problems. We listen to you and try to see the world through your eyes. We take the time to get to know what it’s like to be you. We can help you explore your experiences, your thoughts and your feelings. We can help you uncover trends or patterns in your life that no longer serve you. We can accompany you, as you explore your options, and learn new ways of relating to yourself and your life, new perspectives on your situation, and learn to manage your experiences in a more constructive and life affirming way.

We believe that you are so much more than the situation or experience that is troubling you at this time, and that with time and patience, change will come.