Feeling Stuck? Ten tips to help you free yourself (Part 2)

6.    GIVE “SHOULD, OUGHT AND MUST” THE  BOOT: Often the story we tell ourselves about how things “should be” can keep us stuck where we are.There is no right way of being. Ask yourself this question: Should…according to who?
7.    REPLACE A BAD HABIT WITH A GOOD ONE: Habit serves us well, imagine how it would be to drive if we had to consciously think through each step, each time. If we don’t create good habits, we will unconsciously create bad ones. Think about the habits you have (we all have them) and decide to replace one that doesn’t serve you with one that does.
8.    BE OPEN TO LEARNING SOMETHING NEW: Decide to open yourself to learning something new. It might be a skill, hobby or language. Question your views and ask if there’s another way of seeing the situation.
9.    GRATITUDE: Be grateful for what you have. It might not be everything you want, but by opening ourselves to seeing the gifts and blessings we already have, we make ourselves receptive to receiving more.
10.    DON’T STAY STUCK IN EXCUSES: For example, there’s something you’d like to buy, but you don’t have the money. You could decide you are going to buy it, and then look at where the money might come from. Replacing “Why I can’t” with “How I can” helps us to move into a more active, creative and dynamic place.