Covid 19 Update: Return to Face to Face Sessions

We will be re-opening the practice for face to face sessions (with precautions) in the week commencing 8th June 2020. Below we set out our protocol for working face to face with clients during the pandemic.

At AnneLeigh our primary intention is to ensure a safe environment for both clients and therapists.

Whilst every effort will be made by The Practice to ensure client safety, clients are also asked to take responsibility and advise the therapist of any concerns they may have or risks of which they become aware.

The client and therapist may meet face to face on the understanding that neither they, nor someone living in the same household as them

  • is experiencing any of the symptoms of Covid-19;
  • has been advised to self-isolate or cocoon,
  • or is awaiting the result of a Covid-19 test

The therapist will ask the client at the start of each session whether anything has happened since the previous session in relation to this.

Where the therapist is required to disclose names of recent contacts for the purpose of contact tracing he/she will be obliged to do so.  In this event he/she will endeavour to protect the nature of the relationship.

Clients are requested to arrive at the appointed session time to avoid unnecessary time being spent in the practice and facilitate social distancing for all in the building.

Only the therapist will open and close doors.

2m physical distancing will be observed and physical contact will be avoided.

Meticulous hand hygiene will be observed by the therapist.

Guidelines do not specify that the therapist should wear protective face covering while in the therapy room with a client if they are 2m apart.  It is up to the individual therapist to wear a mask or not.  They will however wear a mask whilst in common areas.

If a client wishes to wear a mask he/she is invited to bring their own. If the client wishes to wear gloves whilst coming to the Practice they will be required to remove them and dispose of them in the pedal bin and sanitise their hands; and to sanitise them again on leaving. 

Time will be allowed between sessions to allow the therapist  to ventilate the therapy room and clean and sanitise all surfaces.