Counselling & Psychotherapy

Celbridge & Naas Co. Kildare

Ten years of support in Naas and Celbridge

Celebrating ten years of supporting the people of Naas and Celbridge. Pictured from left: Evelyn Burke, Jennifer Foran and Jude Fay

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Feeling Stuck? Ten tips to help you free yourself (Part 2)

6.    GIVE “SHOULD, OUGHT AND MUST” THE  BOOT: Often the story we tell ourselves about how things “should be” can keep us stuck where we are.There is no right way of being. Ask yourself this question: Should…according to who? 7.    REPLACE A BAD HABIT WITH A GOOD ONE: Habit serves us well, imagine how it […]

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Feeling Stuck? Ten tips to help you free yourself (Part one)

IMAGINATION:  Use your imagination in a positive way. How would I like this situation to work out? Create a vision of the life you would like to have, or the person you would like to be. Imagine what it would feel like, and try not to focus on the disappointment you might feel if it […]

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Managing Intrusive Repetitive Thoughts

Most people get them occasionally, but for some they can be constant companions. And like an annoying tune that keeps playing in your head, the more you try to forget it the worse it gets. Intrusive thoughts come in many forms. Some that I’ve heard recently include: You’re/ I’m doomed You’ll / I’ll never be […]

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Christmas Giving You The Holiday Blues?

Do you enjoy Christmas? It can be such a wonderful time, when many take time out from work to be with family and friends. It’s a time for children, with the magic of Santa Claus such a huge event in their year. It’s a time of year when relationships are moved onto a new footing; […]

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Change – How Do You Do Yours?

Apart from death and taxes, it is said, the only sure thing in life is that change is always occurring, whether we realise it or not. Sometimes things are changing to more of the same, sometimes to something quite different. In his classic business book, “Who Moved My Cheese?”[1] Dr Spencer Johnson illustrates the various […]

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